Managed Threat Hunting

Let our Unit 42® experts hunt down attackers in your environment. Clear, detailed reports enable you to eliminate threats swiftly.
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Adversaries continue to find new ways to compromise hosts and stay under the radar. To stop them before damage is done, you must proactively hunt for threats.

  • Most teams lack the resources to hunt for threats

    Overwhelmed by too many low-fidelity alerts, many security teams don’t have additional time for threat hunting.

  • Many teams struggle to hire and retain seasoned hunters

    It’s hard to find skilled hunters who can apply threat intel, automation, breaking news and cyberwarfare expertise to reveal hidden threats.

  • Cyberattacks are increasing in speed and sophistication

    The threat landscape is shifting to advanced, multi-step attacks. Without proactive hunting, you may not stop these attacks until it’s too late.

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How can you find insider threats using MITRE ATT&CK?

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The industry’s first threat hunting service operating across all data

The Managed Threat Hunting service offers round-the-clock monitoring from Unit 42 experts to discover attacks anywhere in your organization. Our threat hunters work on your behalf to discover advanced threats, such as state-sponsored attackers, cybercriminals, malicious insiders and malware.
  • Built on Cortex XDR data and analytics
  • Backed by Unit 42 experts who continually monitor your environment
  • Enriched with threat intelligence from Palo Alto Networks
  • 24/7 hunting
    24/7 hunting
  • Threat intelligence
    Threat intelligence
  • Threat reports
    Threat reports
  • Impact reports
    Impact reports
  • Direct guidance
    Direct guidance

Why Unit 42 Managed Threat Hunting

Let our Unit 42 hunters work for you

Augment your team with security experts who relentlessly search your environment for attacker tactics and techniques. Our hunters have years of experience hunting and identifying unknown threats as well as reverse-engineering malware.

  • Manual and semi-automated hunting:

    Rest easy knowing world-recognized hunters are scouring your environment for the latest threats.

  • Expert assistance:

    Get answers to questions and receive guidance about findings revealed in Threat, Inquiry, and Impact Reports.

Let our Unit 42 hunters work for you

Act with confidence with prescriptive reports

Instantly learn about high-risk incidents with detailed and clear reports. You can understand the sequence and impact of an attack and review step-by-step remediation instructions so you can root out adversaries quickly. Managed Threat Hunting gives you the information you need to contain and recover from threats and improve your security posture.

  • Threat Reports:

    Receive detailed information about threats discovered in your organization. You get a complete account of each incident, including the scope and source of the attack and recommended next steps.

  • Impact Reports:

    Stay ahead of emerging threats affecting multiple organizations. You’ll be able to answer questions about exposure to high-profile attacks from your executives before they even ask.

Act with confidence with prescriptive reports

Uncover threats siloed tools miss

To detect attackers hiding in your organization, our analysts hunt through a broad set of data from Palo Alto Networks and third-party security solutions. Because Cortex XDR gathers data from any source, our threat hunters can pinpoint attacks involving any host, anywhere in your environment – including attacks targeting unmanaged devices.

Relax, we’ve got you covered.

Cortex XDR Managed Threat Hunting

Apply human expertise and threat intel to all your security data

  • Get peace of mind with round-the-clock hunting

  • Benefit from unrivaled visibility to find threats anywhere

  • Cut dwell times with high-fidelity threat intelligence

  • Reduce risk without hiring and training dedicated hunters